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Donations - 2019 Fund Drive

Residents in South Fayette Township will soon be receiving donation request. South Fayette Fire Department in Cuddy covers about 3000 residents in the township. The residents receiving requests can be from different mailing zip codes of Bridgeville, Cuddy, Morgan, and McDonald. In the past our percentage of returns of the request letters is only %10. Please consider donating to the local volunteer fire department. %100 of the funds go directly to supporting our response to your emergeny. We are a %100 volunteer fire department and have no paid staffing.

The SFVFD only does donation request by our annual mailed letter or you can choose to use online payment here on the official website of SFVFD. SFVFD will NOT request donations by telephone. If you should receive phone calls for donations to our department by telephone refuse it because it is likely a scam which has occurred in the past.

The SFVFD has opted to add online donation to our website. Over the past years we have seen our donations dropping while the cost of operations are rising. We hope this option gives the residents of South Fayette more flexibility when supporting the local %100 percent volunteer fire department. Please go to our Fund Drive page and donate to this years fund drive. Thank you.

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