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Looking Back 80 Years - Growing with the Community

Growing with the Community

In 1955 the department purchased another Ahrens-Fox pumper/engine. Both this truck and the earlier 1937 are still housed in our current location at 661 Millers Run Rd. These trucks are on public display in our station and can be seen any evening of the week. In 1964 we purchased an International Brush Truck to take care of brush fires on the many farms that were in the township. These new apparatus quickly outgrew there space so the move was made to a new location. In the 50’s the department was moved to an old silent movie theater which was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Tierpoke. Many residents had radios at that time and television was not far away so the theater was converted to a fire department. The school district also built a bus garage which was attached to the fire house. Both buildings are still in existence today and house John A. Kosky Contracting Inc. Soon even this building proved to be too small to house the fire department and the addition of a bingo hall to help raise funds was needed.

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