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Looking Back 80 Years - In the Beginning

The South Fayette Township Volunteer Firemen’s Association was chartered in May 1937, making 2017 our 80th year in operation. The original membership consisted of 170 men and an additional 200 women in the ladies auxiliary. In June of ’37 the assoc. purchased its first fire truck, a 1937 Arhens-Fox triple combination pumper and booster with hose carrier and a chemical tank. This truck was a fully equipped state of the art vehicle for the time and cost $6300.00. The truck was painted yellow with gold pin-striping which was very innovative for that time since every fire vehicle was traditionally red. The department paid for the truck by raising funds with events such as, carnivals, raffles card parties, and shooting matches. The debt was paid off in a little over a year. The truck was stored in the basement of Fatigati’s Restaurant on Miller’s Run Road, then moved to a garage near the Jail/Township meeting hall located where the former Mariani’s Restaurant and parking lot is today. In the early days of the department through the 50’s, this area housed Bioni’s tavern and across the street was Pete Quartures’ store. These 2 families played a significant role in the early fire protection for the township as they received the fire calls by phone and would set off the siren to notify the fireman that they had a call. Kind of an early version of the 911 system we have today. As the township grew the need for more equipment grew also.

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