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South Fayette Fire District Training (Scene Size Up)

South Fayette Township Volunteer Firefighters continue to meet once a month for training. Last evenings training was on scene size up. The training took place at South Fayette VFD's Hall on Millers Run Road. 30 Volunteer firefighters from South Fayette, Sturgeon, Fairview and Oak Ridge VFD's attended. Cheif Delaney of Sturgeon V.F.D. used his ipad with an app called "Sims-U Share" to display pictures of buildings througout the township. The application on the ipad gives the ability to add animated fire, smoke and patients to the picture creating realistic incidents.

The 30 volunteer firefighters broke into groups having a Incident Command Officer, Safety Officer, Apparatus Driver and a crew of firefighters. Each group took turns at being in each roll. Firefighters practiced giving on scene size up reports, discussion of safety concerns, apparatus placement and water supply. Crews also discussed what additional recources they would call and tactics they would use midigate the incident. The next training in February will be held at the Oak Ridge Fire department to cover Hazardous Materials.


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