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No - Contacting us for additional questions and bookings can be done by using the online form on the hall rental page of this website. If you call the Fire Station you will be directed to use the form on our website. 

Is Smoking permitted?


SFVFD is a Non-Smoking Facility. Smokers can use the designated smoking area outside.


SFVFD hall rental webpage includes an online calendar that is viewable to the public. You can check dates on this calendar. If you find an available date and would like to book you can fill out the online form on this page to begin communications with us about you’re booking.

Note: SFVFD takes hall rental request online only by this form only. Only few of our members are involved with the bookings. If you try calling the fire department you will be directed to our website.

What is the capacity of people the hall will hold?


Our facilities provides three options with different pricing for each option. Only one client will be booked per day.

  1. Large hall and a small hall together. Perfect for weddings and event with food buffet with large groups. The buffet can easily be set up in the small hall. This will hold groups up to 300 People

  2. Small Hall only. Perfect for small groups of 45-80 People.

  3. Small Hall and outside pavilions. Perfect for summer events. Small hall is included for food area and restroom use.  80-150 People.


No, you can rent the facility through SFVFD however we suggest you consult with one of our approved caterers. If you are not using a caterer recommended by SFVFD you can provide your own food.

Renter Liabilities?


Clients renting the SFVFD hall are liable for any and all damages during their event.

Are tables and chairs included with the rental of the hall?


Yes tables and chairs are included with the hall rental. SFVFD has the following..

Qty 350 Chairs,


Qty 45 (30” X 8’) Rectangle tables

Size: (30” X 8’)


QTY 35 round tables

Size: (6')


Specialty tables or chairs would be up to the renting client to provide.

Are linens available for the Tables & Chairs?


Sorry, Currently SFVFD does not supply linens for events. You can contact a linen supplier to rent linens.

Do I have to set up & tear down the tables and chairs?


The renting client is responsible for set up and tearing down of tables and chairs. Tables and chairs must be returned to the storage room the way they were found.     

Will the Fire Department set up the hall and tear down for additional fee?


Yes, a non-negotiable fee can be paid for the tables and chairs to be set up and taken down. This does not include removal of garbage.

What do We do about Trash?


Trash receptacles are provided and we have an on site dumpster. Trash bags should be removed from receptacles and put in the dumpster.

Can I come the day before to set up and decorate for my event?


Yes only if the hall is not booked that day.



SFVFD prohibits the following. Please consult with SFVFD on how you would like to fix decorations before doing so.

  1. Use of tape on the walls, ceiling floors and Chandeliers.

  2. Tying things to chandelier lights.

  3. Confetti, staples, smoke machines, bubble machines are prohibited.

Alcohol and use of the bar?


SFVFD is equipped with a bar area that is included in the rental of the large hall. The bar has a standard keg tap system capable of holding and flowing 2 half barrels. A third keg can fit in the cooler to be stored or additional kegs can be stored in the walk in cooler. (SFVFD PROHIBITS modifying the tap system for specialty beers we suggest you look into renting or providing your own kegerator for specialty beer taps and pourers) The bar also has a large refrigerator behind it for additional drinks and items needing cooled.



Clients can provide their own bartenders or consult with a caterer/SFVFD for bartenders. (Selling alcohol is prohibited)

Food & Beverage storage?


SFVFD is equipped with a walk in cooler for food & Beverage storage. Additional Cooler is located behind the bar.

Is a kitchen available?


Only to caterers for a Fee.

Stage Platforms?


Stage Platforms are available by request.

PA Sound System & Podium?


SFVFD is equipped with a PA sound system that can be used for events with keynote speakers. These are ceiling mounted speakers. The microphone & Podium is limited to two wall locations the mic/podium can plug in.

If your event already is using a DJ or sound contractor we suggest they provide you microphones and use their system and we can provide the podium if needed. If you should only need SFVFD PA system a tech from SFVFD will be provided for an additional fee.



SFVFD does not have projectors for use. Clients would need to provide their own projector. Clients need to consult with SFVFD if needing the TV cable box hooked into a projector and additional fee may apply. (TV Cable is basic NON-HD with standard coax or AV output)

Cable TV?


SFVFD is equipped with basic Comcast cable and one large screen TV in the large hall.

Up lighting & Djs?


Up lighting and DJ are to be provided by the client. SFVFD does not provide these services.

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